Bouvier Artgie Javier wrote this in this youtube video of his:
If you want to experience Mother Nature, try to visit Southern Tasmania, Australia. The scenic roads of Huon and Derwent Valley are absolutely amazing as you can mark the towering summits of nearby mountains while ascending moderately. For me, trekking the South Coast track is truly unforgettable as I almost stepped on a venomous friend, the tiger snake. The used track is a bit challenging, but in the end, it will offer you a panoramic sea view of raging waves that traveled all the way from the southern ocean. Lost three times in the Tasman Peninsula was not a joke, but it gives me the freedom to explore more trails while making a huge backtrack. Traversing South Bruny island range is really rad. Everything changes as I crossed the isthmus which separates the island into two. The color is much more vibrant compared to the drier northern part with strong winds that bombarded you in different directions. Another bucket list for wanderers like me.

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