Saldy Quiambao shares with us his solo bike tour, from California to Portland, to Yorktown, Virginia and finally to Florida Keys. (all photos by Saldy Quiambao)

“After 90 days of bike ride, 6 days rest days and 6 days of end tour vacation days, with 6,500+ mileage. Mail back almost 30% of my gear during my tour to reduce some weight, even my body weight got 30 lbs. less at the end of my tour. Stayed most of the time on churches, city parks, campgrounds, some stealth camping, warmshowers host and hostel. Most of the expenses are on food.”

In California, his starting point
Checking his gears
In Portland
In Yorktown, Virginia
In Florida Keys
The tour was only to Florida Keys. He skipped the southern tier because of the weather was starting to be bad.