I introduce this new entry with the ending in mind:
“What about you? What’s your story about your conversion from an ordinary bike to your awesome, (im)perfect touring machine?” 🙂

Welcome to Pedal Power Philippines

Whenever I hang out in bikeshops, I often get questions from fellow cyclists about the “perfect” touring bike. While the temptation to automatically say “ditch your rig and get something else” may be the most convenient answer, I often reflect on my own experience as to how I started doing long distance trips-starting with day trips until doing multiday tours. Another problem if you’re living in a developing country such as in the Philippines and other regions, is that most shops carry bikes of strict categories-either MTBs, Roadbikes etc (though there’s a lot of mixing and matching done by innovative riders!)-leaving you to start with you existing ride. While I admit that I too am a student of the discipline as there is so much to learn, I attempt to share insights from my experience in building my bike fit for long distance travel. Of course, what I share may…

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