We get super excited everytime one of our friends in our facebook group bikepackingPhilippines go on a solo exploration adventure to an island for the first time. After all, our motto here in Bikepacking Philippines is “one island at a time”. Jay Jamoralin was happy to share his experience with us and sent us some nice photos he took during his bikepacking adventure of Polillo island last week. We’re posting the photos here and some helpful info too. Thank you Jay. Now, Polillo island is calling on us too.

Jay started in Anawan port and rode a semi clockwise route to Polillo Port.


From the Port in Real, Quezon, Jay took a commuter motor boat to Anawan Port in Polillo island.

Jay also made a video:

Finally, to help us visualize the road and route condition, Jay shows us these various “over the bar” shots.