Visiting Hiroshima was one of the highlights of this bikepacking trip. Actually, it is one of the reasons why we decided to do this. We imagined and felt the sadness and suffering of the people here when we saw the A-bomb Dome . We  agreed and understood the meaning and objective of the Peace Flame and Cenotaph. We saw the Children Statue and read about the story of Sadako Sasaki. On a brighter note, we were able to try out the famous Okonomiyaki of Hiroshima. Cycling here in Hiroshima Prefecture was also awesome. We took the Seto Inland Sea route via a ferry ride to Etajima Island and then we biked all the way to Kure City where we spent the night inside our tent in a public park.

Behind the cenotaph is the Peace Flame.
The Children Statue and the story of Sadako Sasaki
The Peace Memorial
The A-Bomb dome
The other side of the A-Bomb dome
Okonomiyaki at Okonomi-mura for brunch.
They cook the okonomiyaki in front of the customers.
At the background are the oyster farms of Etajima island.
Beautiful scenery here in Seto inland sea.
Google maps leads you to good and bad routes, 🙂
Kurahashi island is connected to the main island of Honshu via a short bridge and is already part of Kure City.
It was almost dark when we reached Kure City.
The most memorable part of our day: The hotels were all booked. Luckily, we found this public park (Hiro Park) where we pitched our tent. It was so cold outside.
This was our Day 5 route. Hiroshima City to Kure City, 1 ferry ride and 66kms of cycling.