Hi there. I am Byron and I’m the admin and creator of the facebook group Bikepacking Philippines, which can be found at  www.facebook.com/groups/bikepackingphilippines .

For my first post, let me put in here the description which I have written when I created the group:

[Bikepacking is”backpacking with a bike”. We are a community of fun loving people on bicycles who love the outdoors and want to do bikepacking. Bikepacking veterans, newbees and wannabees are all welcome here. We’d love to hear stories, see photos and view videos of your bikepacking adventures. Let’s pack our bikes and ride.]

I hope to invite our friends to share their bikepacking adventures in this site. Together with them, we can promote the beauty of the Philippines, and bikepacking and bike touring in general. I also hope to feature stories of bikepacking from other countries.

Before ending this first post, let me add here photos from a recent bikepacking trip in Pagsanjan, Mindoro and Siquijor Island.

Welcome to Bikepacking Philippines! Let’s pack our bikes and ride.